Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Disability - National Executive Member 2012, register as disabled with the NUT

This is to inform members that from early next year there will be an opportunity for all 'registered' disabled members to vote in an election for a National Executive Member whose sole remit will be to represent disabled members. Those eligible to vote will be those who have informed the NUT nationally that they are disabled. The membership update form which every member receives each year provides an opportunity in the bottom right hand corner to 'register'. In addition, Ipswich NUT and indeed all NUT members in Suffolk are, additionally, asked if they would inform their Association and/or Division if they are disabled. The NUT locally would like to have a database of such members, preferably with email addresses, so that they can be contacted over disability issues as well as being encouraged to raise any such issues with us locally. One important development for disabled members would be the creation of a school-based 'disability leave' policy rather than what probably exists at the moment a blanket sickness/absence policy. The NUT nationally has produced guidance to enable this to be negotiated. Members are encouraged to contact me, as appropriate.

Anthony Dooley, Disability Officer, Suffolk Division NUT

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