Monday, 7 July 2014

July 10th NUT Press statement

Members of the Ipswich Association of the National Union of Teachers are taking further action in support of their “Stand up for Education” campaign. On Thursday 10th July they will be joining in strike action with members of the PCS, Unite, the FBU, Unison and the GMB who are campaigning on a range of similar issues.
Andrew Rowe Vice President of the Ipswich Association says that going on strike is never an easy option and all teachers doing so will have thought long and hard about it and see it as a last resort. “We deeply regret disruption to pupils and parents. We are in dispute with the Government about pay, pensions and workload. The massive increase in teachers’ workload since 2010 is not time spent on preparing exciting lessons but on form filling.”
The Union hopes that by taking such action they will persuade the Government to:
1) Remove excessive workload and pointless bureaucracy – it is unsustainable for teachers to be working nearly 60 hours a week on average.
2) End performance related pay for teachers – it is unfair, promotes inequality and makes pay determination costlier and more bureaucratic.
3) Reverse unfair pension changes – teachers are having to pay more towards their pensions, work longer and receive less when they do retire.
4) Ensure that talks between the union and the government are about policies rather than just their implementation – countries where this happens, like Finland, see positive results for children, education and teachers.
5) Make sure that we have enough teachers – new systems of training teachers are creating chaos in teacher supply and do not give trainee teachers the right grounding. Thousands of good teachers are leaving the profession.

Andrew Rowe says, “These are issues that should concern everyone. Our children deserve well trained, enthusiastic, energetic teachers, not overworked and stressed ones. Michael Gove has consistently failed to meet with the NUT to listen to our concerns and so we are reluctantly taking strike action in order to show him that teachers have had enough of his attacks on them and the education system.” 

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